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Gentlent Peering

Gentlent (AS52112; AS48280) has an open peering policy and may peer with other networks on mutual IXPs (internet exchange points). We are connected with > 0 Gbps on various internet exchanges and about two-digit Gbps through other providers or their ASNs.

Peering Policy

As stated above, Gentlent has an open peering policy and peers with other networks on mutual internet exchange points. Gentlent also peers with route servers on IXs wherever available.

We do have certain requirements for peering that we enforce, those are listed below. There is no minimum traffic requirement however:

  • Candidate must use a registered public autonomous system number (ASN).
  • Candidate must maintain valid AS and prefix records on a public IRR (internet routing registry).
  • Candidate must maintain valid contact details on PeeringDB.
  • BGP sessions must be established using IPv6 and must support a maximum of 500 prefixes from our network. IPv4 may be discontinued through our BGP sessions at any point.
  • Peers must not send us traffic that is intended for networks other than we advertise. Default routes towards us are not permitted without prior written permission.


24×7 Network Operations Center

Peering Requests



A selection of useful links that may be used for network operations and provide inside into our network.

GentlentAn official Gentlent website. Official Gentlent websites are always linked from our website, or contain an extended validated certificate.